Technology consulting

technology consulting

As we live in a digital society, with AIRC will help you to develop and transform your business with the best technology.

Our services include:

  • People- Talent OZ
  • Security- SecureMI
  • Data Analytics-QlikView
  • Automation-IBM.


Dive inside discovery with the data visualization app that anyone can use. With Qlik Sense, everyone in your organization can easily create flexible, interactive visualizations and make meaningful decisions. Import your own data and experience the power of Qlik Sense. A free data visualization tool that anyone can use on a personal computer.  Visualize data, build custom apps, embed visuals and support the entire spectrum of enterprise-level uses. Now there are no limits.

security concept - Lock on digital screen with world map


SecureMi® is a comprehensive enterprise level content-aware solution that is designed for preventing data leakage in governments and corporations. It can execute responses based on detection of any unauthorized use and transmission of sensitive data – ranging from simple notification to active blocking – based on policy settings.

IBM I (ISeries/AS400) & IBM X Applications

We offer:

GUI modernisation (IBM i & IBM X)
Database modernisation (IBM i)
Code transformation i.e. RPG/COBOL to Java (IBM i)
Web Services enablement(IBM I).



Accessibility is of prime importance as it enables multi-tasking and deliverable on-the-go. Having access to information anytime, anywhere is imperative to a business leaders today. TalentOz has been designed to ensure that it is accessible for mobiles, tablets, and phablets, without comprising on ease of use and experience.Whether you are a 10 member start-up or a global enterprise, TalentOz helps you setup globally benchmarked HR best practices that help you succeed in talent management.