About us

At AIRC we take pride in being one of Australia’s leading professional services organizations. We bring the power of our global network to help businesses, not-for-profit organizations and governments assess their performance and improve the way they work.

Our commitment is to provide resources and knowledge from our team of energetic and inspirational individuals who bring diverse experience and come from a range of academic backgrounds, including arts, education, business, government, international development, health, accounting, tax, economics, engineering and the finance sector.

AIRC group is part of CareersHub Australia and Australian International Development Consortium. We provide a wide variety of innovative and creative consulting services for our customers. Our approach is simple but effective and it is to work hand in hand with our clients using a pragmatic approach to resolve problems and optimise opportunities. We achieve our exceptional results through transparency and teamwork ultimately leading to a successful outcome and sustainable results for your organisation.

Our mission is to help our clients perform at the highest possible levels so they can provide exceptional value to their customers and employees through the adoption of a “culture of service” mindset.

We inspire, motivate and lead teams and businesses who are looking to discover the best course of action for increased performance and profitability. We operate globally around the world and our branches operate in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Malaysia and Australia.